This past month our hosting provider was hacked and several websites data corrupted or destroyed.  Iowa History was one of the sites that got hit.  I have since switched to a new hosting company and added some high quality security plug-ins to prevent this from happening again.

Since I am basicly back to ground zero, I have spent extra time looking at some new templates.  I found a company across the Missouri River from me in Omaha, NE who have taken a different approach to building websites and after spending a few days testing it I’ve decided to go with them.  It’s made in the USA and when you call or email support you talk to Americans.  To me that’s worth it’s weight in gold.

One last comment. If any one would like to volunteer to help enter your local Historical Sites, Markers and Events please email me.  I have a database of approximately 2,500 historical sites in my database so any help would be greatly appreciated.

What I do not understand is why people feel the need to use their God given talents for such malicious activities.  I can only hope that they grow up and use their talent for more positive things.

Bob Fleege

alais Oldmanwheeler

Project Leader